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One of the things I liked the most about this course was learning about the impact that clothes have as far as colors that go according to my skin tone and personality. Know how to dress according to the occasion and the reaction you want to cause in others depending on whether it is a party, school, a job interview etc… among many other things that have helped me to lead a more organized rhythm of life and of course, I feel more confident about myself on any occasion. The course is highly recommended for anyone who wants to perform better in social, work and any other time. Let’s not forget that this society demands more and better performance every day and it’s better to be well prepared. What better for this than to start with an excellent image.

           Jesús Ventura

After taking the consultation with Melissa Lopez, I realized that I wasn’t that bad with the clothes I wore, but later I felt much more comfortable and confident when choosing the garments I should wear for each occasion, as well as the moment to buy, because you already have clear which colors work better on you, what kind of cut goes with your complexion and thus, you don’t buy for buying’s sake, and also you dare to make combinations that you had never done and that’s cool! The automation has also helped me, because now I can do it by myself and I feel very good. Also remembering the rules of etiquette on the table, meetings, work and above all how to apply them throughout your daily environment, it helps you to distinguish yourself and to have greater confidence in you, because you already know how to behave at any time. Truly a recommended experience.

          Sandra García / Graphic designer and housewife

Excellent course, very updated, it clarified many doubts, I got a lot of homework; And I can’t wait to change my wardrobe and start harvesting success with my new image. Thanks Melissa!

          Elizabeth Díaz / Sales

When I heard about an image consultancy, I liked the idea because in my work I dedicate myself to sales and image plays an important role. After finishing the course taught by Melissa López, I felt more confident to use some type of specific garment, to be able to combine colors, learn to know how to go shopping and have a smart wardrobe to get you out of trouble at any occasion without needing to spend outrageous amounts of money. My favorite quote was: “It is not necessary to dress in fashion, but to dress modern.”

           L.T. Saulo González / Groups and conventions coordinator

Image consulting helped me to know more about myself. Seeing that my skin does not have any color left and is very important to be able to stand out and look good, knowing how to choose a good garment and combine it! Dare to wear skirts and know that they look good! It helped me feel more confident and happier with myself.

          Rocío Jiménez / Cosmetologist and housewife

I allow myself to share with you the pleasant experience I had in taking the etiquette on the table module, given by the image consultant Melissa López, it is worth mentioning the great knowledge she has in the subjects, a very practical workshop, where not only you learn your country’s good manners, but internationally, the workshop prepares us not only for what you know that may happen, but also for the unexpected; I learned a lot, and most important, do not hesitate in the investment you make, it is for you and your future. Think big and you will get the best.

           Degree in Law Daniela L. Pérez Martínez

The right image at the right moment, is the congruence with respect to who we are and how the environment perceives us. Matching “being and looking like” from executive, family and friendly levels. Now I know that I can make better use of my own personality and I still find myself excited to get many possibilities with the resources available. You gain in personal confidence what echoes in the professional field. Image consulting with Melissa Lopez was a personal change full of satisfactions.

           Alberto Larios Coordinator-Host 105 Digital 105.3 fm Aguascalientes, Ags.